The pathway to forgiveness, freedom, and abundance starts with the hard work of confession and repentance.

It seems so simple… confess… enjoy freedom. And yet it’s so hard to get to the root of our sin and deal with it honestly before God. Why?

Because we have to start with being honest with ourselves. John put it this way,

If we claim we have no sin, we are only fooling ourselves and not living in the truth.

~ 1 John 1:8 NLT

You can’t have an intimate relationship with God and be inauthentic with God at the same time. Yet we often want to claim that we’re “good” in the religion department while denying, minimizing, or avoiding the subject of our wrongs against God.

God rules perfectly by law and offers limitless grace to all lawbreakers who will come to him on his own terms. But when we plead ignorance about our sin, we show a failure to understand the holy nature of God.

And here’s the good news… God wants us to come clean with our sin, so that he can cleanse us from the inside out of it’s stains.

He longs for our freedom and makes a way – repent and believe. He offered his Son Jesus on the cross to cover the guilt that we must own before him.

And when we get real, God’s Spirit goes to work. When we open up, he comes in to do his work. When we take responsibility, we clear the deck so God can bring forth something new and fresh in our lives.

Getting real with God is eternally life-changing, but we have to get real with ourselves first.

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