Brandon and Angie CoxWalk Humble is a little bit blog, a little bit daily devotional, written by Brandon and Angie Cox and some of their good friends.

Brandon serves as Lead Pastor at Grace Hills Church, a purpose driven church in Northwest Arkansas, which he and Angie started in 2011.

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When It Comes to Family Values, What Should Your Family Value?

When we talk about "family values," most people tend to think in one of several directions. Politics - We think about the hot topics being covered by the news cycle like reproductive rights and abortion, human sexuality and the definition of marriage, or legalized...

Come Back to the Fountain

All are broken. Some have found life and healing in Jesus, but all of us start out, by default, living life as people broken by the presence and power of sin in our lives. God sent the prophet, Jeremiah, to give a revelation to his people... For my people have done...

You Can Only Live for One Master

You will give your time, your energy, and your money to something or someone today. That's the way life works. We have 168 hours in a week and we spend and average of 40 of them on the job, 50 of them sleeping, a few more to rest and leisure activities, and a few more...

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