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You can find peace, clarity, and confidence again!

Hi, I’m Brandon.

I started Walk Humble to help people grow personally, spiritually, and relationally.

I want to see people make forward progress in life (that’s the “walk” part) without having to pretend they’ve arrived at some ever-elusive awesome level of perfection (that’s the “humble” part).

While I do that, in part, through writing and speaking, I also love coming alongside others through spiritual coaching, something I’ve really been doing my entire adult life!

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The world is a bit… messy.

The world is a bit… messy.


Our culture is experiencing rapid change and, instead of celebrating the diversity of humanity, we’re surrounded by voices seeking to instill fear.


The people, institutions, and systems we once counted on to guide us often fail us, leaving us to wonder what we can be certain of in life.


With all of the devices, apps, and technology we have to stay connected, we tend to feel more disconnected and disjointed than ever.


Sometimes a break or a change is healthy, but we’re burning out and giving up on life, faith, and relationships at an alarming rate.

There is a better way.

Hope is always better than despair.

Faith is always better than cynicism.

Connection is always better than isolation.

And love is always better than fear and hate.


The question most of us come to is this:

Is it possible, in a world as messy as ours, to choose hope, grow my faith, forge stronger connections, and become love to others?

And the answer is yes.

Yes, you can.

You don’t have to navigate life alone.

Maybe you’ve tried all the most popular positive-thinking rituals and self-help programs and haven’t seen results.

Maybe you’re still carrying limiting beliefs from your past, all the way back to childhood.

Maybe you’ve watched some of your core theological and philosophical beliefs fall apart and you’re not sure how to rebuild again.

Sometimes walking is difficult, and it doesn’t help when the popular message from our culture is always to run harder and faster to keep up!

What does spiritual life coaching look like?

You Bring YOU

You, alone, know the issues surrounding life, faith, and relationships with which you struggle the most. We’ll start with your biggest spiritual questions and struggles.

I Serve as a Guide

I utilize spiritual shepherding to guide you to a deeper understanding of who you are as well as the rhythms you need to establish in order to hear more clearly from God.


We’ll have an ongoing conversation that includes a gentle kind of accountability, meeting regularly to help you achieve personal wholeness and live in healthy rhythms.

My role is one of shepherding you with truth, encouragement, and practical tools and practices to help you move toward spiritual, emotional, and relational wholeness.

Spiritual life coaching is not therapy. I believe strongly in the power of effective therapy and, if you see a therapist, it is very important that you communicate with them about our coaching relationship so that our work together in no way hinders the progress you are making in therapy.

Together we rely on the teachings of Jesus (by listening to the scriptures), the wisdom of many who have followed him (other books and resources), and the guidance of the Holy Spirit in this work.

“Spiritual direction is a relationship initiated by a spiritual seeker who finds a mature person of faith willing to pray and respond with wisdom and understanding to his or her questions about how to live spiritually in a world of ambiguity and distraction.”

– Henri Nouwen, Spiritual Direction

Our first meeting doesn’t cost anything.

I’m a big believer that chemistry matters greatly to any working relationship, so there is no cost involved in our first meeting, after which we can decide whether or not I’m a good fit to help guide you in your journey.

If we do decide to work together, we can do so on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis and you will choose one-hour appointments from my calendar. I’m also available via text, email, and occasional random phone calls in moments of need.

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