A praying church is a powerful threat to kingdom of darkness.

When persecution broke out in the early church, things got scary. James the Apostle was killed with a sword and Peter was arrested and thrown into prison in a show of force by the tyrant, Herod Agrippa.

Peter’s fate seemed sealed. He was held in the center of a prison, surrounded by guards. His good friend, James, had just died a violent death and Peter must have known his time was near.

So he slept.

Peter somehow found the ability to rest in the middle of the darkest night of his life thus far. And while he was sleeping, things got crazy. An angel came to his rescue, breaking his chains and leading him forth from the dungeon.

When Peter came to himself and realized he’d experience a miraculous deliverance from bondage, he returned to the gathered church and shared the story with them.

All of this is recorded in the Book of Acts, chapter 12, and there is a key phrase found there that is easy to miss but very powerful.

But while Peter was in prison, the church prayed very earnestly for him.

~ Acts 12:5 NLT

Everything seemed hopeless for Peter. His chances of escaping death at the hands of a mad dictator were nill. He was doomed!

But the church prayed.

And when the church prayed, God answered and intervened.

Consider this quote from Tony Evans in his book, Victory in Spiritual Warfare

Simply defined, prayer is earthly permission for heavenly interference. It’s earth giving heaven permission to intervene in the manifestation down here of the spiritual reality up there.

There are two big takeaways you shouldn’t miss from this story.

First, when God’s people pray, heaven intervenes, so even when you wonder if there’s any hope for change, keep praying.

And second, every one of us needs some friends approaching the throne on our behalf. So stay tied into a community of faith that can repeatedly take your name to the throne for grace and mercy in your times of need.

Prayer Prompt

Pray about the situations that seem hopeless from a human point of view, trusting that God can work miracles even with the odds are stacked against you.

Further Study

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