John Piper says that the mission of the church is “to bring the nations into the white-hot enjoyment of God’s glory.”

In the prophet Isaiah’s experience of prayer and worship, he encountered God on his throne and was struck by the perfect holiness of the Creator, the glaring nature of his own unholiness, and his desperate need for atonement and redemption.

And having received his pardon for his sinfulness, Isaiah was overwhelmed with a sense of purpose and mission. When God looked around for someone to carry a divine message to his people, Isaiah stepped forward.

Then I heard the Lord asking, “Whom should I send as a messenger to this people? Who will go for us?” I said, “Here I am. Send me.” And he said, “Yes…”

~ Isaiah 6:8-9 NLT

Prayer is far more than merely asking God for things. Prayer is a conversation we have with our Creator about him and his world. And it’s also a conversation with God about our assignments in life.

When we pray, we enter the throne room from which God rules and reigns and from where he gives us our assignments. And when you’ve tasted of God’s grace, when you’ve experienced the redemptive power of Jesus’ death on the altar of the cross, you can’t help but be overwhelmed with a burden for an unknowing world.

When we pray, we ought to pray with a sense of obedience that says, whatever you want, God, I’m in!

In other words, prayer involves giving God our big “Yes!” and then allowing him to guide us as to what we’ve just agreed to do.

Sometimes, he calls us as vocational missionaries to the other side of the world. And sometimes, he calls us to be better parents, neighbors, and spouses. But his assignment always involves bringing the nations into the white-hot enjoyment of God’s glory.

The throne room of God is not merely a place of praise and worship. It’s a place of instruction and commissioning. And the King himself has an assignment for you.

Prayer Prompt

Give God your big “Yes!” and trust him to show you the assignment you’ve agreed to carry out. Pray with an open hand and a surrendered heart. Whatever you want from me, God, you have it without reservation!

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