Podcast Episode #006: Three Phases of the Spiritual Life: Construction, Deconstruction, and Reconstruction

by Sep 17, 2023

The spiritual journey we’re all on, whether we asked to be on this journey or not, is anything but simple. I see a life of faith unfolding in at least three movements.


From the time we’re born, we’re constructing a life. And this construction uses materials that were around long before we were.

  • Family history
  • Community life
  • Media
  • Play
  • Education
  • Friendships
  • Religion
  • Tradition

Most of the people who have been a part of your formation will want to stop you here at this point – the construction phase.

It’s likely you will face a lot of fear and uncertainty if you allow your faith, as it has been received and developed thus far, to be open to questions.

And truthfully, very few people choose to move into deconstruction.
Deconstruction tends to choose you.

SPIRITUAL LIFE PHASE 2: Deconstruction

Sometimes this happens gradually, but this is rare.
Almost always, it is a crisis.

Something happens (an experience in life)
We pull a thread (we start asking questions)
We watch our faith seem to unravel

It is in this season that we are most vulnerable. Most likely to:

  • Turn very inwardly away from people.
  • Internalize our struggle.
  • Act out in rebellious, destructive ways.
  • Become angry.
  • Allow resentment to set in.
  • Develop apathy.
  • Give up.

And here is the good news…

There is more. You were wired to be spiritual, to seek and to search. You’re smart enough to ask all of these questions because you were made in God’s image.

SPIRITUAL LIFE PHASE 3: Reconstruction

This is the phase where a new (or renewed) faith begins to form.

And this is a faith you get to own.

This time, it’s personal.

Welcome discovery.

  • Of the universe.
  • Of people.
  • Of yourself.

Welcome mystery.

  • Of God.
  • Of life.
  • Of death.
  • Of eternity.

Go on a new spiritual journey.

  • A contemplative journey.
  • A listening journey.
  • A learning journey.
  • A journey into becoming love.

From here forward, Eternity is the limit.

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